Organic since the beginning

Our Commitment

Organic farming is our foundation, our engine, and the positive side of agriculture. Our aim is to offer a healthy and wholesome product to consumers, protect the vineyard workers, and safeguard the planet and its future generations.

As a demonstration of our commitment, Cardone Winery was one of the first wineries to obtain the organic certification in Latium (EEC n.2092/91) and today it is verified by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification.

Ours has been one of the leading wineries in the winemaking protocols that have contributed to the drafting of the European Organic Wine Regulation (EEC 203/ March 2012), aimed at assessing not only the origin of the grapes but also the transformation process, a practice already adopted by the company. For this reason, by working in full compliance with the regulation, our wine is forged with the words “Organic Wine” and carries the European organic logo on the label.

In the Vineyard

The first step for an organic product is to control the quality and naturalness of the raw materials.

For the fertilization of the plants we use green manure instead of chemical fertilizers.

We practice grassing rather than using herbicides.

To protect the plants we apply only copper and sulfur, trying to limit their use in order to minimize environmental impact.

In the Winery

We believe wine to be a source of nutrition as well as a pleasant drink. We thrive to create a product that is as healthy and natural as possible, with greater and superior nutritional and antioxidant properties compared to traditional wines.

For this purpose we use sulfur dioxide well below the amount established by the EU disciplinary and we do not use dairy products or products of animal origin, therefore our wines can also be appreciated by people suffering from allergies as well as vegans.

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