The Grapes

All of our varieties are, by choice and loyalty to the territory, traditional expressions of central Italy, with the white ones being indigenous.

The varieties we grow are all included in the DOC and IGT Lazio of the Castelli Romani production regulations: Malvasia del Lazio, Trebbiano toscano, and Bombino for the white; Cesanese and Montepulciano for the red.

Malvasia del Lazio or Malvasia Puntinata is the white grape variety of the Castelli Romani par excellence. Sweet and aromatic, it confers the wines a straw-yellow colour with golden reflections. It has medium-sized berries and a characteristic yellow-green, speckled, pruinose skin.

Trebbiano toscano is a white grape variety with large bunches and thick-skinned grapes. It goes well with Malvasia del Lazio, giving the wines an optimum balance.

Bombino is also an old indigenous white, with a medium-large bunch and yellowish colour with brownish patches. Combined with Malvasia, it completes its job by altering the acidity on the palate.

Cesanese di Affile, with its characteristic bluish-black colour, has a small to medium-sized bunch which is fairly compact and cylindrical in shape, often winged. The berries are small and the skin is thick. The flavour is direct and recognizable even when vinified with other varieties.

Montepulciano, with its well-known black-purple colour, medium-sized bunch and characterized by two wings, has a thick and consistent skin. It is one of the most widespread red grape varieties in the area. Soft, pleasant wines that best describe these territories.

Unfortunately the name ‘Montepulciano’, despite having been cultivated in the area since ancient times and being included in the DOC Castelli Romani and IGT Lazio, cannot be mentioned on the label due to restrictions by law.

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